Welcome to What’s Up Archaeology!


What’s ‘What’s up, Archaeology’?

If you were a fan of Day of Archaeology or if you’re curious about what actual Archaeologists do, then get ready for a 3-month view of what we do!

For the next three months (Feb-April) this blog and it’s contributors will be sharing a window into their jobs and projects. We’ll all be posting here so we can share the varied world of archaeology. It’s not just deserted tracks or hikes in jungles, it’s book writing, project planning, grad school, cultural resource management, and even blogging.

Our participants are from a range of places around the world and North America and bring a range of perspectives from the filed. We invite you to join us, follow along with our projects and work over the next three months. We hope it will open our work up more and show you what archaeologists do day to day.

If you enjoy the Blog, please like and share our posts. We want to reach as wide an audience as we can, and your help is appreciated.

You can leave a comment below or contact us via the blog.  Follow us here on the blog, or on Twitter as @WhatsUpArchy and on Instagram as What’s Up Archaeology.

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