ArchyFantasies Asks What’s Up, Archaeology?



If you haven’t figured out by now, I am terrible at introductions.

So Hi. I’m Sara Head, aka ArchyFantasies. I am the host of the Archaeological Fantasies Podcast and blog, I spend most of my time either working in Cultural Resource Management, Debunking Pseudo or Alternative Archaeology, and going to Grad School.

This semester I’m rounding out my electives before the challenge of putting together a thesis. I also have the fun of creating my own classes this semester, and I chose GIS in Archaeology and a Media class comparing Pseudoarchaeology to Reality. I’ve got a new camera and a set of locations I plan to record videos at and hopefully get some interviews.

I’ve also got a bit of a learning curve as far as video editing. So hopefully these will be getting better as we go.

So here we are! Nice to meet you! I hope you like my videos and my posts.

Leave me questions and comments below and follow me on Twitter. Also be sure to check out the other participants on the blog here and like and share us with all your friends.

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