What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Making the field more accessible to the general public is an ongoing challenge for archaeologists.  We all struggle to get our own projects accomplished and there typically is very little time to provide any kind of outreach.  I love being a member of the Women in Archaeology Podcast group, since we explore a variety of topics, but I think we appeal primarily to our fellow archaeologists and those who have some knowledge of the field.  When I learned about this blogging challenge, I figured it could be an excellent way to reach a broader audience with a wonderful group of interesting archaeologists.  I’m thrilled to be part of this endeavor but also terrified by the amount I need to write!

Since most of Colorado is currently covered in snow, I’m stuck either in front of my computer or in a classroom; it will be months before more adventurous projects start.  Although fun to me, not everyone is a fan of jargon-rich academic posts.  So, I will do my best to describe the various topics I’m covering with my students, from the wonderful world of archaeological theory to artifact typologies.  And rants about Indiana Jones (I just won’t be able to resist).  Rants and cartoons.  I enjoy creating cartoons, like the following scenario of a core and hammerstone getting into a fight as a way of explaining lithic/flake reduction.


Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my contributions to ‘What’s Up, Archaeology?’ and I will be able to fulfill my end of making archaeology just a little more accessible.

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