[Superbowl] Sunday Schedule

Image of blurred-out calendar week showing February 3rd-8th

Hello! Have the Pats won yet? If they win I’m allowed to miss work tomorrow, right?

Somehow I have a feeling that won’t go over so well with my supervisor at the museum. But before I try that excuse on her, I’ve got to work out my schedule for the week. As a grad student, museum tech, TA, and professional list maker I’m always balancing a few things, so I find that making lists and scheduling out my weeks works best. Posting my plans here will also play the dual role of keeping me semi-accountable AND showing the interested public the kind of variety my job(s) brings to a typical week. So without further ado, let’s dive in!


  • Museum work day, 9-5 (or, more accurately, “Whenever The Red Line Gets Me There” to “???”). I have an hour and a half commute from where I live to work, so it’s a long day, but worth it!
  • Evening: Work on lecture prep for the class I’m teaching later this semester. I’ll probably just do notes for a few slides as it’s not my biggest priority at the moment but I’m sure I’ll thank myself in April if I’ve already got small amounts of it done now!


Image of rusted older car, with a cow skull perched on it's hood
I’m thinking of replacing my car with this one.
  • Teaching Assistant work at UMass Boston. I’m TA-ing the same class I did last year, with the same fantastic professor, and I actually really do like going to these lectures. The class is Intro to Bio Anth, so it’s nice to get back into what used to be a focus of mine and talk about human evolution with interested (and, of course, some not-so-interested) students.
  • Gotta see a man about a horse. (Read: Visit a used car dealership because my trusty steed is in its death throes and I need something to get me in and out of town for digs!)
  • Go to the gym!
  • Evening: Lecture prep, or maybe some thesis writing if I can even stand to look at it after this weekend.


  • Museum 9-5 – In addition to my usual work I’ll also be helping to put together a presentation with some coworkers.
  • Evening: Bad Movie Night with my partner and his roommates. Gotta have at least one night off!


Image of two men fighting, in the Muay Thai style. The man on the right is Samart Payakaroon, a Muay Thai and Boxing world champion.
Former Muay Thai fighter Samart Payakaroon being an absolute badass.
  • TA work
  • Zooarch work at school. We recently moved labs, so I have to help unpack all the bones, and try to finish my data checks/tackle the fish from my assemblage. Stupid fish. They’ll get a whole blog post to themselves, don’t you worry.
  • Muay Thai with my partner
  • Evening: Presentation prep or lecture prep, whichever is more pressing


  • Therapist appointment: Taking care of my mental health is vital to being able to do my work well, and to making sure I enjoy work! Trust me, counting bones while anxious and/or depressed is not a great experience.
  • Errands, chores around the house, etc
  • Evening: Normally on Friday’s I have a standing “Beer, Burger, Bitch” date with one of my best friends, but she’s going to be out of town this weekend, so I’ll probably get some work done, or hang out with my partner.


Meme imagr showing a cockatoo
Image of me entering the dentist’s office.
  • Dentist – Normally my dentist doesn’t have appointments on Saturdays, but she’s a dental student and I’m acting as the backup for one of her Board certification procedures. Basically I’ll get to hang out for a few hours, do some work using the Tufts wifi, eat some muffins and, with any luck, not have anything done to my teeth at all!
  • Afternoon/Evening: park myself at a cafe nearby and continue working on any number of the following:
    • Thesis writing
    • Lecture prep
    • Blog posts
    • SHA 2020 planning and research
  • Go to the gym!


  • All day work session at my local Starbucks. They’re getting a credit in my thesis, I’m there THAT often.
  • Laundry, meal prep, etc. etc.
  • Write next week’s version of this post!

So, depending on what you’re used to in a weekly schedule that all might evoke an “eh, not that much” response, or seem like an absurdly abundant amalgam of activities. Both are true, in some ways. But I stay busy, and this week I’m (hopefully) going to be coming off a very productive Thesis Weekend™ and can adjust some of my predicted work days and fill in other projects that I have on the back burner (conference paper, site report appendix, editing manuscripts).

This weekend from roughly 3:30pm on Friday through about 5pm on Sunday has been the first of two planned Thesis Weekends™, where I’m focusing solely on researching and writing my Master’s thesis. This one has been focused on the introduction and site context/history chapters, as well as making more detailed outlines for the remaining chapters I have planned. I’m going to continue to work for small bits at a time on other aspects of the thesis throughout the week, but I’m trying to dedicate large chunks of time to it so I can keep the narrative flow consistent, and so I don’t forget what the hell I’m actually trying to say. We’ll see how that works out. I’m currently aiming to have a draft for my committee chair by the end of February, so wish me luck! I’ll be talking more about my thesis and the related research process later this week in my Thursday blog post, so check back later for that.

So, dear friends, there’s my week. Subject to change, of course, since my schedules rarely work out exactly the way I want them to. Hopefully by the time you get around to reading this post it’ll be Sunday evening and I’ll be watching grown men playing with a ball on a huge TV. Preferably drinking a good winter ale and shouting expletives at the screen with my fellow Massholes. So thanks for reading, I’ll be in a bar somewhere, wrestling with my intense dislike of Tom Brady and deep love for the Patriots as a team.



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