The Debunking Never Stops!

I don’t watch a lot of TV. Probably because when I do, it’s almost always because I need to debunk something. I recently just fished reviewing the Legends of the Lost series with Megan Fox, and just wow.

Image of the Science Channel’s Logo. 

Now I’ve got a new series I’ll be reviewing for a website called Adventures in Poor Taste. It looked promising, but something is off, and I’m worried about it. Which brings us a little to the issue. How do you criticize other professionals in the field without alienating yourself?

So that’s my task today, get a fair review out on this show, that points out the issues, but doesn’t go to war with the archaeologists (yes real archaeologists) in the show.

Image of the cover of The Robot: The Life Story of a Technology, by Dr. Lisa Nocks. 

On the happier side of things, I did get to record an amazing interview with Dr. Lisa Nocks about ancient and historical robots. I love my show and I love being able to talk to archaeologists who study quirky and cool things. I really can’t wait to get the show out in March, it’s pretty freaking cool.

Image of a Nuraghe stone tower. Image credit to Wikicommons.

Lastly, I just interviewed Dr. Emily Holt about Sardinia being Atlantis. It was an interesting interview because I didn’t know much about Sardinian Archaeology. I hadn’t heard of the Nuraghe culture before and honestly, their towers are amazing.

If you’re interested in going to a really neat field school in Sardinia Dr. Holt has a CRM focused one going on over the summer. Sun, good food, and Archaeology? How can you turn that down?

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