Learning Archaeology: Grad School Edition.


Image of the front page of the U. of Leicester’s Intro to ArcGIS for Archaeologists. Click through to get to the website. 


One of the joys of creating your own classes is finding material to teach yourself. Depending on the material, it’s easier said than done. If you guessed from the pic above, one of my classes this semester is learning ArcGIS. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of material available just out there specifically for archaeology.

Not that I need archaeology only ArcGIS stuff. It’s just, I’d really like to learn about ArcGIS via archaeology. So how to do that?

Well, of course, I’ll be learning the basics of ArcGIS, and that’ll keep me busy I’m sure. Once that’s done, I have this crazy idea that I might look at some published reports and see if I can recreate their projects.  Might turn out, might not.

esri 1
Image of ESRI’s self-training module. Click through for link.

Luckily ESRI appears to have three archaeological themed training modules, that, once I’ve mastered ArcGIS again, I shall delve into as well.

Will this all make me a GIS MASTER! Probably not. WIll it make more knowledgeable about the software and what it can do for my field? Yep. And that’s the goal, isn’t it? To get better and contribute.

I know it wasn’t the most interesting post today, but, it’s a lovely set-up for more interesting posts to come.


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