Sunday Schedule & Lab Organization

Another Sunday, another unrealistically ambitious week schedule.

Last week’s schedule, as sort of predicted, went off the rails a bit as I had to organize some life stuff, the most monumental event being the fact that I bought a new car! Well, new to me, its actually a few years old. But it was a very Adult thing to do, which came with a lot of hectic last-minute planning and complicated feelings about having done something so important and complicated all on my own.

But now its a new week, with new goals! Well, most of them are the same goals but they’re in different places now, so that’s technically new in my book. Less complicated stuff this week, so I’m just gonna dive right in.

Sunday Feb. 10

Some large, possible Gadidae, fish bones from my assemblage.
  • Write this post!
  • Finish organizing new lab space and unpacking my thesis material
  • Work on fish
  • Game night w/ partner

Monday Feb. 11

  • Work 9-5
  • Lecture prep in evening
  • Work on blog post for Tuesday

Tuesday Feb. 12

  • Work 9-5
  • Post blog post
  • Lecture prep in evening

Wednesday Feb. 13

  • Take new car for inspection sticker (hopefully the new registration will have arrived by then)
  • Meet with advisor to go over thesis materials for the [hopefully] last time
  • Write and schedule blog post for tomorrow
  • Movie night w/ partner and friends

Thursday Feb 14

  • Birthday!!! (I’m turning 27, yikes!)
  • TA Class 12:30-1:30
  • Thesis work in lab
  • Valentines/Birthday dinner w/ partner

Friday Feb 15

  • Thesis work day (either in lab, or somewhere I can get a lot of writing done)
  • Birthday drinks with friends

Saturday Feb 16

  • Dedicated thesis weekend day

Sunday Feb 17

  • Dedicated thesis weekend day
  • Write and publish blog post

Gonna have to work in some gym days during the week, as I’ve been feeling really sluggish and need to get back to going on more of a schedule.

The other other thing I wanted to talk about in today’s post is the Grand Unpacking. We recently had our zooarchaeology lab moved to a temporary lab space (although we’ll probably be here for more than a year, so “temporary” is a relative term). I spent nearly five hours last night (Saturday) unpacking comparative specimens, organizing the space, and consolidating archaeological faunal material into a logical order. The school had a moving company that moved everything for us, so everything just kind of got put wherever it would fit (which is totally fine, its not their job to understand the weird things we’re doing with bones in here).

I organized our large animal skulls in these conveniently sized shelving units. In front are all the boxes with archaeological material that still need to be sorted out.

What I’m most excited about is having SO MUCH SPACE. At least compared to our old lab. So I was able to organize all the fish and birds on shelving units, put in order alphabetically by Family. It is a glorious sight, especially since we used to have them all hidden away in a drawer that was really difficult to keep organized. But now it’s easy to look up, see where the specimens in the Family Phalacrocaracidae are located, and grab a cormorant.

My new little workspace! With birds and fish in front, and mammals, reptiles, and amphibians in the cabinet to the right.

The reptiles, amphibians, and mammals are a bit more difficult to fully organize, as not only do we have several very large animals (cow, horse, pig, sheep, etc), but we also have a lot of small lizards, snakes, frogs, and rodents. And we seem to be missing some mammals… but hopefully they’ll turn up.

So, now that I’ve started organizing and unpacking everything I can settle in and start the home stretch of thesis data checks/IDs. I realized today that there are a lot more fish to deal with than I anticipated, so it might push back my highly unrealistic thesis schedule, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



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