Science Channel and Slow Weeks.

So, I wrote my review of the Science Channel’s new show America’s Lost Vikings. I’m going to guess from the lack of a second preview for episode 2 the Science Channel was not impressed. Jokes on them, now that I know the show is out there, I’m going to be critiquing all six episodes. I wonder if Adventures in Poor Taste will be interested in my reviews after the fact? AIPT has been very supportive of my review, which I was a little worried about, but hey, it’s nice to see people supporting a skeptical platform.

In other news, I’m slowly figuring the GoPro out, so that’s a thing. Soon I will have videos up of Pennsylvania archaeology, and my new sidekick Sherlock Kitten. And yes, that is part of classes this year because my professors thought it’d be cool.

detective Kitten

Sorry for the short post today, it’s been a busy week. But stick around for more cat pics and Grad School tails.

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