Book 2 done… on to Book 3!


Korean celadon vase, 1000 CE

I sent in the written text on time, Monday afternoon, and then today I sent in my sketches and the photo files to help out the illustrator. There are some more details I might add over the next couple of weeks, but basically my share of this book is done! (Until I start to get comments back).

A random page from ONE DAY EVERYWHERE

Which means I can get to work on Book 3! This one is my favorite of the three books in this series. It’s called I’LL TRADE YOU, and it’s a series of trades around the world, starting in Timbuktu, in Mali (West Africa) and ending in Brazil, on the opposite side of South America, looking across the Atlantic towards West Africa. (Or maybe the Caribbean? I don’t need to decide yet.) There will be about thirty panels, each in a different location moving slowly from Timbuktu to Brazil. In each panel, a trader comes in from the left bringing something, while a different trader leaves from the right carrying something else. In the middle of each panel, people make the whatever they make in that place, and they use the things they’ve gotten from traders. It’s all set in the year 1000.

Korean illustration of people swinging

So for example in the panel for Korea, we’ll see a trader coming in from China with silk robes. In the middle, Korean people will be making paper folding fans, and green celadon pottery.

They’ll be wearing Chinese silk and hemp clothing, printing Buddhist scrolls from woodcut blocks, and using ivory game pieces and paper playing cards to play games. On the right, a Korean trader will be leaving for the north-east, taking steel knives and needles with him to trade to the Inuit for walrus ivory.

Korean folding fan

I’m really excited to get going on this, making the point that people were not all isolated and didn’t know about each other, even half a millennium before Columbus.

But I also have a lot of smaller things to catch up on, before I really settle into the new book: three book reviews (remember when I agreed to do them?) and some work updating my website (

And I’d like to send in a couple of actual scholarly articles that are almost ready to go. More on that if I get to it…

Meanwhile, the illustrator says she’s almost ready to show me some of her pictures for the first book! I can’t wait!


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