Launching a Patreon!

The African god Bes

Okay, in the hiatus between finishing Book 2 and starting serious work on Book 3, I’m launching a Patreon for my website, Study Guides, working towards removing advertising from the pages and just leaving shiny clean articles up! Right now the site is mostly ad-supported, which means there are gobs of distracting flashing or even (ugh) video ads on all the pages. And, I gotta say, people, this is still barely a living. I’m not making any kind of big profits here.

So, I’m asking for people to sponsor a page, or a few pages, through my new Patreon :

For every dollar a sponsor commits, I’ll take the ads entirely off one of the articles on . I have about 2500 articles posted, and so far I have sponsors for 69 of them, so there are 2431 lonely ad-infested articles out there waiting for their forever sponsor. Can you be one of them?

I’ve set a goal of reaching 100 sponsors/ 100 ad-free articles in the first month, so we’re getting there! Can you help us over the top to meet our first goal?

I think this is better than subscriptions, because I’m not asking for as much money as a subscription would normally cost (I used to sell subscriptions to this site for $30 a year), and because once you sponsor a page it’s ad-free for everybody, not just for you! So you can help out thousands of students in places like Chad or India where they couldn’t possibly buy a subscription for themselves. Also, in those places people tend to have very limited internet data, so downloading the ads may make it impossible for them to use the site. Without ads, the site loads so much faster!

The site gets about 10,000 visitors a day on a good day, which is like 3 or 4 million people a year. That’s who you’re helping with your sponsorship! Plus you can choose which article, so if you want to boost, like, the Merovingians, or the early Mandan, or the god Bes, you’re welcome to do that! (only actually as of a few minutes ago, Bes is actually already ad-free!)

And please spread the word, too: we are still looking for 2431 more sponsors (or about 500, if they each give $5 instead of $1!)


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