Image of a white cow in the foreground, standing in a field behind some trees. Behind her is a farmer, and a house with a red clay tiled roof.
This is a completely unrelated photo of a very sweet cow and a nice farmer named Bogdan I met while working in Serbia.

Well, we made it. Sort of.

3 months of blogging about archaeology.
3 months of me making promises and only occasionally keeping them (sorry about that).

But I think this has been a productive exercise, at least for myself. It gave me a better idea of what kind of content to start producing for my soon-to-be-established “professional” blog, and it introduced me to some wonderful people. I had forgotten how therapeutic blogging could be, while also still being informative, so I’m thankful for that.

I know I said I was going to post a fun SAA recap, but, then again, we also thought the SAA 2019 Yesner Debacle wouldn’t still be going on nearly three weeks later… so there you go.

Instead of making this a long and drawn out exit post, I think I’ll just end it with a thank you to my fellow bloggers, to @archyfantasy for bringing us together, and to any readers out there who have followed along.

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