Amanda Brynn

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Fig. 1: Amanda ft. obligatory “Indiana Jones” style hat.

Amanda Brynn is a current undergraduate at Brown University concentrating in Archaeology (through the Joukowsky Institute), Egyptology, and (probably) Modern Culture and Media. So far, her work has tended to revolve around archival research and disciplinary/institutional histories, with a general interest in archaeology and social justice.

The next three months of Amanda’s academic life will likely be dominated by her coursework, but she also plans to write about gearing up for her first ever season of fieldwork, learning to navigate the particularities of writing for academic journals (and their audiences), and, more generally, trying to figure out where she might end up fitting in the broader networks of archaeology.

You can find Amanda, proudly donning her obligatory “Indiana Jones” style hat (see fig. 1), on Twitter here.

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