Bryandra Owen

Climbing craggy buttes in the Mojave Desert is just another day for this CRM archaeologist.

Bryandra is a cultural resource management (CRM) archaeologist based in Las Vegas, NV. She has six years of professional experience working in the Great Basin with ten years of combined academic and field experience.

Prior to her career in CRM, she was an intern for the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and worked with their Site Stewardship Program. She has presented papers at eight conferences and has co-authored eleven cultural resource reports. She is also participating in the creation of an Open Source textbook for North American Archaeology.

When Bryandra isn’t roaming the desert for her job, she enjoys being a nerd who loves to cosplay, play video games, and runs a fan website for Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones (who would have guessed?).

You can follow her on Twitter @IndyCroftcom and Instagram @l.e.croft. You can also check out her nerd site and her pop culture archaeology podcast Tales of Adventure.

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