Holly Kathryn Norton

Holly and her colleague Jason looking for arriving wagons at Bent’s Old Fort, 2018

Holly Norton received her BA in anthropology from the University of South Carolina, and an MA and PhD from Syracuse University in anthropology with her dissertation “Estate by Estate: The Landscape of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion.” She has worked as an archaeologist conducting both prehistoric and historical archaeological investigations, as well as historical architectural surveys, for a variety of state and federal agencies and private environmental firms, including the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the National Park Service. Norton currently serves as the Colorado State Archaeologist and the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer at History Colorado where she focuses on a variety of compliance issues including the Section 106 process. 

Over the next three months Holly plans on blogging about the somewhat frenetic life as State Archaeologist and DSHPO, about how the process works, and the variety of things an archaeologist actually does day to day. When not involved in all things archaeology Holly spends her spare time chasing around a 4-year old and trying to keep a geriatric dog, one science kitty, six two chickens, and 100K honeybees, alive. She is not always successful. You can follow her on twitter @HKNorton

Everything expressed on this blog between now and April comes from my own befuddled mind and in no way reflects the opinions or policies of History Colorado.

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