Karen Carr

49584185_10156987409911683_1122067490344534016_nAfter a mostly misspent youth as an anarchist revolutionary, Karen Carr entered the University of Michigan (PhD 1992) intending to explore ways of improving (or abolishing) systems of government and returning power to the people.

To her surprise, she found that governments sometimes accomplished good things as well as bad, as she showed in Vandals to Visigoths: Rural Settlement Patterns in Early Medieval Spain (UM Press 2002). More recently her research on Roman pottery at Leptiminus in North Africa has been published in articles and supplements of the Journal of Roman Archaeology.

Karen resigned tenure at Portland State (in Oregon) eight years ago to focus on creating inclusive, progressive public history, mostly through her website, Quatr.us Study Guides. She is currently in Providence, RI, writing a series of children’s history books, and working on a geography of the early history of swimming. For the next three months, she’ll be blogging in the hope that her research and your feedback will combine to produce paradigm-shifting stories.  

When she’s not writing, Karen runs a monthly free store, raises her youngest child, bakes, dances, bikes, and protests. You can find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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