Liz M. Quinlan

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Image of the author, Liz Quinlan
Portrait of the author slacking off and taking selfies in the artifact storage area at work.

Liz is a Boston-based MA student, zooarchaeologist, and collections management technician. Liz is an historical archaeologist, with most experience in the Eastern Woodlands and New England, but has been known to dabble in paleoarchaeology and hominin evolution when the mood strikes her.

Her work currently focuses on the archaeology of educational institutions, but she is also interested in ritual concealment of animals, folklore of New England, synanthropic commensalism, queer and feminist archaeology, and accessibility in the sciences.

Liz is currently working on her Masters at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, with her thesis living somewhere in the intersection of faunal analysis, archival research, and social reform movement studies. In addition to thesis work, her posts here will probably discuss the running project list she has going into the year 2020 (Liz over-commits, don’t be like Liz).

Highlights over the next three months may include her work as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair for the upcoming 2020 Society for Historical Archaeology conference in Boston, excavations with the City of Boston Archaeology Program, teaching with the Osher Lifelong Learning Center, conference attendance (SAAs and TAG), and checking over her thesis material one last time before she sits down to write the darn thing.

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