Mads Nygaard


Mads is a Danish archaeologist. He graduated with an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology from the University of Aarhus in late 2017. His primary field of studies lies in the late Viking Age and early Medieval Period of Denmark. Mainly he has focused on the gradual unification and centralization of the country and how this can be traced in the building of fortifications, minting of coins and development of transport networks.

Currently, Mads is employed as a field archaeologist at the Museum of Vejle on the eastern coast of the Jutland peninsula. Over the next three months he is planning to blog about the challenges of conducting archaeology in the Danish winter and what the excavations are yielding. Also, probably something about Vikings. Because you need Vikings. Everyone needs Vikings. Vikings are bae.

Also, he doesn’t have an Instagram account with any content on it, so he’s been told to link to the account of the museum instead (it’s got pretty pics from the field): Apologies for the captions being in Danish. 

Disclaimer: Anything said or posted on this blog is Mads’ personal opinion and in no way associated with the Museum of Vejle.

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