Tom Cuthbertson

Tom in his natural habitat; in a hole

Tom has been working in the mid-Atlantic doing CRM for just over 8 years for various companies in addition to some projects at George Washington’s Mount Vernon and James Madison’s Montpelier. He completed his M.A. at William and Mary, and is a member of the RPA. He is now a field director for Thunderbird Archeology, a division of Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. in northern Virginia and runs CRM projects in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He also gets to work on projects with Archaeology in the Community, a community outreach and education non-profit based in Washington D.C., on a semi-regular basis. His personal interests lie in public outreach and community archaeology, in addition to whatever interesting sites he can get his hands on at work.

When he isn’t doing archaeology he likes to cook, and is starting to dabble in Dungeons and Dragons (potentially as an outreach tool). He’ll be posting about life in CRM on the east coast and public outreach subjects. You can find him on Twitter: @tcuthbertson13 or on his own blog which he is going to try to post more on this year Fieldnotes and Marginalia.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in Tom’s post are solely his own and do not necessarily represent those of his employers.

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